v comb in Pakistan

The V-Comb™ works best on dry hair. Just join a crisp catch channel safely to the V-Comb combing head, guaranteeing it fits properly (you will hear a tick) and reattach the combing head to the primary body by adjusting the directing bolts and contort to bolt. v comb in pakistan




Identifying lice early is the most ideal approach to shield a pervasion from spreading. Utilize V-Comb™ as a sheltered and delicate method for consistently checking your family’s hair for lice and their eggs. Best of all, in the event that you do happen to discover lice, you can begin treatment promptly. No other head lice medicines are as proactive and effective as V-Comb. A device that ought to be in every family’s home!




The V-Comb™ utilize the comb and suction energy to tenderly lift lice and eggs. The teeth are adjusted to easily keep running over the head. The comb head has been intended to change in accordance with either a rake or comb position for greatest solace contingent upon the length of the hair. The outline is smooth and adjusted so that there is no sharp edges or segments. v comb in pakistan

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